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As a Goddard College Ambassador Alum (BA 2003 / HAS MA 2005), Melanie has a strong sense of community, along with immense respect for individualism. Receiving the Drexel University Deans Scholarship for excellence in research, Melanie selected to stay between Lancaster and Plainfield, completing Goddard College Health Arts & Sciences (HAS MA), an interdisciplinary program founded on the principle that community health, personal health and the health of the natural world are equal. In 2009 the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) awarded Melanie a grant to complete a small business start up program offered by Assets Lancaster. As a result of Assets, she operated a unique craft and collectibles project, Beautiful Day Creations, through the death of her mother, who shared company with her after having to retire early as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. During the decade of time, from 2003-2013, besides her academic and creative accomplishments, Melanie worked in health care as an attendant and advocate. She also maintained volunteer work with the National  M.S. Society, along with Lancaster County organizations such as the YWCA, Clare House for Women, Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, and as poll clerk during elections. 

Contributing to projects combining her background in the creative arts, the health arts and sciences, and her familiarity of urban dynamics, Melanie enjoys a physically active, social, cosmopolitan lifestyle in Philadelphia. Find her traveling Girard Avenue on the 15 Trolley or walking between the gyms she frequents in Kensington, Fishtown and the Art Museum District. 

Often asked from she hails,  Melanie is originally from Boston's North Shore, though she lived in Coastal Florida and New Mexico during her middle and high school years as a result of her parent's creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Independent since 16, she moved to Brooklyn at 18, living between New York and San Francisco for over a decade, before adding Pennsylvania to her "Home" list back in 1999.

While working with Melanie at Goddard College, Katt Lissard wrote: "Melanie was always a pleasure to work with. She's articulate, intelligent, highly creative, and has a strong sense of justice and the individual's right to personal freedom. Her work moves between the transgressive & the transformative, always including compassion & heart."

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Interested in Melanie's Creative History Dating Back to New York City & San Francisco?

Melanie worked on many quality independent films, documentary, art house projects, as nightclub and special event crew, artist's model, exhibition partner, along with "temping" between ad agency and music production studios.  If you are interested in details of her retro resume, email for project history and affiliations. 



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